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Rosebud accelerates growth across Lancashire with £5.8m fund

Rosebud, a leading loans provider, has infused over £5.5 million into Lancashire businesses, fostering the generation of hundreds of jobs. As a subsidiary of Lancashire County Council, owned by Lancashire County Developments Ltd (LCDL), the company has been a catalyst for the growth of 43 businesses in the region since July 2019, when GC Business Finance became the funds delivery partner, contributing a total of £5.8 million.

Established in 1986, Rosebud has been a reliable source of loans for companies in Lancashire, catering to businesses of all sizes, with loan amounts ranging from £10,000 to £300,000.

Working in close collaboration with entrepreneurs, GC Business Finance is dedicated to understanding each business, providing guidance throughout the loan process, and instilling confidence in the borrowing journey.

The impact of Rosebud's support is substantial, with a projected creation of over 400 jobs in Lancashire. Notable recent beneficiaries of this support include Pharma Sheet Metal, based in Accrington, securing a £200,000 loan, and The Secret Garden Glamping, which obtained a substantial £250,000.

Jonathan Nelson, fund manager at Rosebud, said: "I am extremely proud of the impact the funding we provide has had on businesses across Lancashire. It showcases our important role in fostering regional economic prosperity, with over 400 jobs forecasted to have been created through our funding. 

"This is why it is so important to unlock the growth potential of businesses and we are excited to continue this work, helping even more people and businesses in the region." 

Paul Breen, director of GC Business Finance, added: "Helping growing businesses thrive is at the centre of what we do, so we are thankful for our partnership with Rosebud which has allowed us to support so many businesses across Lancashire. 

"The success of the collaboration between Rosebud and GCBF showcases the importance of putting time and resources into supporting regional businesses, and the benefit this can have for regional job creation and economic growth."

Councillor Aidy Riggott, cabinet member for economic development and growth at Lancashire County Council, said: "The success of the Rosebud fund further demonstrates Lancashire's key role as an innovation hub in the UK. Accessible business finance is essential to unlocking business potential in our region and strengthening our diverse regional economy. Rosebud has clearly had a strong positive impact in creating jobs and promoting economic prosperity across our region, and I look forward to seeing the effect it will continue to have in the coming years."

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