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Lancashire's premier Italian restaurant receives a significant financial boost with a second round of funding from Rosebud Finance.

La Locanda, the esteemed Italian restaurant based in Gisburn, known for its award-winning culinary offerings, has recently secured its second loan of £15,000 from Lancashire County Council's Rosebud Finance, managed by GC Business Finance.

Since its establishment in 2003, La Locanda, under the dedicated ownership of Maurizio and Cinzia Bocchi, has been unwavering in its mission to introduce authentic Italian cuisine to the local community. With a strong emphasis on contributing to the regional economy, La Locanda has made it a priority to support local suppliers and incorporate their produce into its menu. Additionally, the restaurant has expanded its product range to include a premium selection of genuine Italian olive oils.

This commitment to delivering high-quality, authentic Italian cuisine has earned La Locanda numerous prestigious awards, including the 2022 TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award. Maurizio Bocchi has also received recognition as a Taste Lancashire Ambassador.

Access to financial support has played a pivotal role in La Locanda's journey towards growth and unwavering commitment to quality. A few years ago, the restaurant recognized the need for a kitchen upgrade to accommodate its expanding schedule of interactive cookery workshops and maintain its high service standards.

Initially seeking assistance from Lancashire's Business Growth Hub, Boost, La Locanda was subsequently referred to Rosebud Finance. This financial support not only facilitated the kitchen's upgrade but also improved energy efficiency and overall operational performance. Moreover, it opened doors for hosting guest chefs, enriching the culinary experience for the public while reducing energy expenses.

This second loan follows an initial one obtained by the restaurant in May 2022, which was facilitated through Lancashire’s Access to Finance (A2F) service, resulting in a loan of £95,000.

With their new, fully equipped kitchen now in place, La Locanda is currently in discussions with national retailers to introduce its premium olive oil range to a broader market, with a special focus on promoting the health benefits of natural, well-refined olive oil. With their upgraded kitchen facilities ready, La Locanda is also planning to expand its workshop offerings and host more events, providing their loyal patrons with even more opportunities to savor the delights of authentic Italian cuisine.

Maurizio Bocchi, owner and head chef at La Locanda, said: “At La Locanda we set out with a mission to challenge the status quo and redefine perceptions about Italian cuisine. Through years of dedication and hard work, we've not only achieved this vision but also solidified our position as a renowned Italian dining institution.  Their commitment to our vision aligns seamlessly with our mission of delivering authenticity and excellence to our customers. We are immensely grateful to Rosebud for their partnership, which has been instrumental in making La Locanda the renowned Italian dining institution it is today”

Jonathan Nelson, fund manager at Rosebud, said: " We are proud to have supported Maurizio and Cinzia’s ongoing mission of delivering true Italian flavours to Lancashire's local community, while also contributing to the broader awareness of authentic Italian cuisine. In working closely with Maurizio and Cinzia, we were able to provide the necessary financing to ensure their kitchen could provide the best possible service, while also prioritising energy efficiency. I look forward to seeing La Locanda continue to grow, from its new olive oil range to exciting upcoming workshops and events.”

Councillor Alan Cullens, Lead Member for Community and Cultural Services at Lancashire Country Council, added: “Over the last 20 years Maurizio and Cinzia have managed to build a true Lancashire institution, bringing their authentic take on Italian food to the Ribble Valley and beyond. With the support from Rosebud and new kitchen in place, this will help them to further expand and share their love for Italian food and culture with more people across the country.”


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