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Panache Cruises Invests £1 Million in Headquarters Upgrade Amid Rapid Growth

Office renovation

Panache Cruises, recently acknowledged as the North's fastest-growing company, has invested £1 million in enhancing its global headquarters at Strawberry Fields in Chorley. The renovation involves converting three distinct spaces into a spacious, open-plan office with a designated recreational area.

Beyond the modernisation of the workspace, the upgrade caters more effectively to the expanding team, now totalling 52 members. The redesign was executed by Elizabeth George, an architectural services firm based in Bolton, with Panache noting an increased presence of colleagues in the office since the completion of the project.

In a culinary enhancement, Panache has enlisted the services of renowned chef-to-the-stars, Lashuan Pryce. Pryce, known for catering to professional footballers such as Kalvin Phillips, Tyler Roberts, and Joe Willock, offers complimentary lunches to the team working in the office. Notably, Pryce has showcased his culinary skills on the TV show 'The F Word' alongside celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

James Cole, the founder and CEO of the business, said: "Our people are our most important asset and what drives our success. We operate a highly sophisticated digital marketing strategy coupled with good old fashioned offline, personalised customer service – so the way our team manages their relationships with customers is pivotal to our future success.

"The new office is attracting more of the team to come in more regularly, which is not only creating a great vibe in the building, but we are also seeing an increase in sales.”

This growth trajectory positions the company's turnover to surpass £20 million by the close of 2023, solidifying its standing as the fastest-growing entity in the North, according to the Fast Growth 50 Index.

James Cole added: "We are absolutely delighted to have come in at first place in this highly respected UBS initiative.

“I founded Panache Cruises in July 2020 in the height of the pandemic, and at a time when everyone told me that I was mad to be starting a cruise business when the international travel industry was pretty much closed down.

"Now, three years on, we are seen as the top performing company in the North of England which is an amazing achievement, and an accolade I dedicate to my fantastic colleagues who have worked tirelessly to make our business thrive."

In line with its expansion goals, Panache Cruises has achieved its target of incorporating at least 10 apprentices into the business by the end of 2023. Currently, 12 apprentices are actively involved in various departments, including marketing, finance, sales, and customer service. With a remarkable 100% success rate, those completing the program are offered full-time positions, accompanied by further development opportunities to nurture them into future managers and leaders. The company also expresses intentions to introduce additional apprenticeships in the future.

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