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Agricultural pioneer secures six-figure financial boost from Rosebud Finance

Engage Crop Solutions Team

A Chorley-based pioneering business is set to extend its water-saving technology to a broader global audience, thanks to a substantial six-figure loan it has secured from Rosebud Finance.

Engage Crop Solutions, has successfully obtained funding from Lancashire County Council’s Rosebud Finance, managed by GC Business Finance. The loan will serve as a catalyst for their ambitious expansion plans, encompassing international outreach, strategic marketing endeavours, and the innovation of new products.

Established in 2012 by Mark Horner, Andy Aspinall, Mike Panteli, and Peter Blezard, Engage has emerged as a dominant contender in the realms of horticulture and agriculture. Their shared history of over two decades working together at Plant Impact, an AIM-listed chemical biostimulant company, motivated them to pool their collective expertise.

Engage specialises in the development of cutting-edge products designed to enhance plant growth. Its primary focus lies in horticulture, and the company has forged partnerships with major supermarket chains while also establishing a robust presence in both the UK and Spanish markets. Through comprehensive trial demonstrations that showcase the efficacy of their technology, Engage aspires to further extend its global footprint.

Recent years have witnessed Engage diversify its scope and tackle broader challenges within the industry. A key highlight of their technological arsenal is Aqualatus, an innovative solution dedicated to conserving water.

Given that agricultural activities account for a substantial 70% of natural water consumption, the preservation of this invaluable resource is paramount. Aqualatus empowers cultivators to utilise up to 50% less water, all the while safeguarding plant health and optimising crop yields.

Engage's influence currently spans the globe, encompassing nations such as the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, where significant investments are being directed toward modern urban development.

Engage's technology presents a sustainable approach to irrigating plants in urban landscapes. Notable trials have been conducted on diverse terrains, including landscaped areas and soccer fields. In Egypt, the focus has been on seamlessly integrating the technology into agricultural practices to address the scarcity of water in inland regions. Engage's sights are also set on the Latin American markets, encompassing countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, and Chile.

In alignment with its growth strategy, Engage has fostered a close collaboration with the Department of Business and Trade (DBT), leveraging this partnership to facilitate connections in the Middle East, particularly through participation in trade exhibitions.

Mike Pantelli, founder and director at Engage Crop Solutions, said: “Our product is at the forefront of innovation in the agriculture industry. We are transforming horticulture across the world, and are incredibly proud of our Lancashire roots.

“Once we were introduced to Rosebud, the help and support we received was enormous. This funding will enable us to accelerate our expansion plans, increasing our reach, and ultimately having a positive impact on the industry.”

Jonathan Nelson, fund manager at Rosebud Finance, said: “Engage’s innovation, ambition and commitment to sustainable practices made them the ideal recipient for funding from Rosebud. The team demonstrated real dedication to solving industry-wide challenges, and are a business that Lancashire can be truly proud of. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth and positive impact in the agricultural sector.”

Cllr Shaun Turner, cabinet member for environment and climate change at Lancashire County Council, said: “This news is fantastic for the region, as Engage’s success highlights the innovative and forward-thinking businesses that thrive in Lancashire.

“It’s cutting-edge horticultural technology not only addresses global industry challenges but also puts Lancashire on the map as a hub for agricultural innovation. We are proud to support the team’s journey and excited to see the positive impact they continue to make both locally and globally.”

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